Vercetti Lake starts the new year off right with a deep instrumental. This track will be featured on Lake’s upcoming EP entitled, Heights 2. Prep for the new release by listening to Heights 1.

Enjoy this soothing 2011 original recording by Mia Biagini. Expect some fresh new songs from her later this year. Mia’s SoundCloud

Throwback instrumental from Kompound. This is from the Essence EP (2012).


New stuff from Kom. Click photo to stream/download!

New 10 track project from Kom. Listen/download: The Re-Inventor by Kompound

Vercetti Lake gracefully remixes WRN’s 12:01am instrumental.

Listen to the original here:

Definitely one of the chillest beats that I’ve made. Released on the Undertones EP (2012). Download it here:


Relaxing grooves, brought to you by WRN.

JOEY ROLO (Santa Clara, CA) - Life's A Bitch MIXTAPE ///

Shouts out to UGHH Blog for featuring Joey Rolo’s new mixtape, “Life’s A Bitch”.

Stream Joey Rolo’s new mixtape, Life’s A Bitch, on SoundCloud!